Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Solar powered vehicles are beginning to be developed and introduced as our modern world goes 'green'. In a bid to create the best solar powered vehicle, to participate in the 2010 American Solar Challenge, a 1100 mile race from Tulsa to Chicago, emerges the Centaurus 2. The Centaurus 2, made by The Solar Vehicle Project team, looks to be powered by three wheels with the driver off the vehicle positioned off center. The Centaurus is approximately three feet tall, sixteen feet long and six feet wide. The car weighs around 400 pounds, which in comparison to a conventional car is rather light and should contribute towards improved aerodynamics. The solar cells only appear to cover half of the car's casing. The entire casing may be covered by the time the car is ready to compete, depending on how much energy the car needs to absorb, store and generate. It's always good to see developments in more environmentally friendly products, and although this is just one concept, there are sure to be other solar powered vehicles being developed at this same time, in preparation for the American Solar Challenge.

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