Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Video arcade games are fast becoming a thing of the past, with only a handful of games making their way into full-scale arcade machines, such as Dance Dance Revolution. The latest game to try and revive the popularity of arcade machines is Textminator. The game focuses on texting, and unfortunately not the Terminator. Since kids these days seem to be so keen on texting, and the ability to text fast, this game sets up a challenge between two contestants to have a "text-off", using stainless steel phone-like keypads. High scores are logged on the machine using the player's initials, and there is also an inbuilt camera, which takes a snapshot of the player to be showcased on the hall of fame leader board. In a modern video arcade we really can't see this proving too popular, especially next to shoot em' up games and driving games, but you never know, it might just catch on and end up in a texting frenzy. So cue Textminator, Rise of the arcade Machines.

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