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How to Patent An Idea

How To Patent An Idea

how to patent an ideaGovernments do not issue patents just for an idea.Ideas, thoughts or inspirations do not not qualify for a patent.
Expressions or publication of thoughts that are not inventions, like this page for example, are protected by copyright.
Publication of unique symbols or word designs are protected by trademark.
These are good tools as well, but how to patent an idea for an invention is dealt with differently than other ideas.

How To Patent Something

An invention idea is usually about how you can solve a problem. But you have to make the solution (an invention) before you can apply for a patent.It is something real and tangible. An invention must also be new, unique, and useful.

Patent Strategies

Lets say you have this idea that "socks should not get holes in them".This might be a good invention idea. Lots of people wear socks.
Most people would probably want socks that didn't get holes in them.
So you start thinking about how to patent an idea like this. But you can't get a patent for this idea.
This is an invention idea, meaning it gives you an idea for something you could invent - "a sock that doesn't get holes." There are ways to protect your idea before applying for a patent, which you can learn about on our website.

First Step

Once you have this idea, the very first thing you should do is conduct a patent search.If your patent search doesn't find anything like your idea, you could start working on your invention. You want to make your idea into an invention.
If you want to license your invention, you need to plan this while you're developing your idea.
As you progress with your invention you might experiment and test materials, spending long hard hours on your invention.
Let's say you invent a coating that you can put on wool thread. This makes the socks durable. You make some socks using this new wool material. They're comfortable and have a unique and different look to them.
But your new thread is not easy to work with so you adapt a sewing machine to make it easier to sew socks.
This was a lot of work and you actually have created more than just one invention.
You may feel ready to protect your invention by obtaining patents. But there are still other steps to take, which you can find on our website.

patent an idea

We Have Tools

A patent is just one tool we use to prepare our inventions.There are several tools we use to give our inventions a chance to become successful.

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