Wednesday, January 19, 2011


latest inventionsPajamaJeans are the latest invention in clothing. The trend towards clothing that is "snuggie" and "cozy" yet stylish and fashionable continues with this new product.

As the name suggests PajamaJeans are designer jeans that wear and feel like pajamas.
The company's slogan says it best, "the pajamas to live in - the jeans to sleep in".
"We noticed people wearing pajamas on airplanes and in grocery stores. But a lot of people have mixed feelings about it because they think it's inappropriate and sloppy," says Stacey Buonanno of The Pajama Company.
"We thought it would be easy to take a pair of jeans, style them similar to a yoga pant, give them all the jean detailing, but make them stretchy and soft so that you wouldn't mind wearing them to bed," she says.
The secret is a proprietary blend of spandex andcotton called "dormisoft", which gives the feel and wear of pajamas but look like designer jeans including high contrast stitching and brass rivets.


Photo: PajamaGrams

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