Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cool Inventions

Kindle DX eReader

cool inventions

E-Readers are very cool inventions and Amazon claims to have 70-80% of the market thanks to it's evolution of product enhancements such as the Kindle DX.
This latest generation portable reader features a high contrast 9.7 inch no-glare screen, weighs less than a paperback and is thinner than a magazine.
It holds 3,500 books, has a battey life of one month and includes free 3G wireless internet access.
The Kindle DX also features a text-to-speech application that reads the book to you.

LaCie Safe

cool inventionsThis is one of those cool inventions that provides peace of mind for securing your information.
Storing your files on this mobile hard drive gives you multiple levels of protection because it uses advanced encryption and biometric authentication technology.
The Safe uses 128-bit AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is the same standard usd by governments to protect top secret information.
Encryption converts information that is readable into a mixture of unreadable characters. Decryption processes the encrypted unreadable characters back into a readable format.
The algorithm that encrypts and decrypts the information is known as a cipher. The cipher allows access to the readable information when you enter a password.
cool inventionsMost ciphers will use passwords that are four to eight characters in length, but a 128-bit AES cipher uses a 16 character password which is extremely difficult to hack.
The AES cipher or "Rijndael" (pronounced Rein Dahl) is named after the Belgian inventors Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen.
cool inventionsBiometric authentication is a technology that recognizes physical or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprints, palm geometry, retina patterns, voice and signature. Fingerprint recognition is the most popular because it's easier to use.
Your finger is scanned for minutia, which are the points on a fingerprint where a ridge ends or splits into two. An algorithm extracts the minutia points and creates a template image that is used for authentication.


cool inventionsThe Zoombak is one of those cool inventions utilizing gps technology.
It is a small universal A-GPS locator that tracks anything in real-time and on-demand. It keeps track of children, bicycles, pets, backpacks and more.
How it works. The device is carried or attached to what you're tracking. Satellite and cellular technology determines the precise location of the device that you can track on your smartphone or computer.
A map tracking feature provides automatic updates and you can view a map on your user account.


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